Let’s Talk About the Back of the Portastudio

Today, I’m looking at all the connections on the back of the DP24/32, I explain what is different with each one.





2 responses to “Let’s Talk About the Back of the Portastudio”

  1. Gerry Gudzio Avatar
    Gerry Gudzio

    Great video, Michael! Just saw it today. I have so much to learn. The “stereo out” – I’ve never used it. When and how would you need to use this?

    1. mfoerster Avatar

      I use it for my headphone system, I have an ART 6 output headphone system. I like to use it for that because I can control my studio monitors with the volume knob on the console and it won’t effect the output on the headphones. Perfect for when I’m recording someone and we want to listen back on the studio speakers. It makes things go a lot faster instead of me having to reach behind the speakers to turn them down.