Main Output and Control Room on the TASCAM Model16/24

Original video from 2022

I’ve made this post as a quick chart for people to see what items go through the control room outputs and main outputs. The Model 12 doesn’t have a control room section so it isn’t part of the list.

ControlMain OutputControl RoomComment
Low Cut buttonYesYes
INST buttonYesYes
MODE switchYesYes
MUTE buttonYesYes
MAIN buttonYesYes
SUB buttonNoNo
PFL/AFL buttonNoYesActs like a “Solo” button on other consoles. Only transmits channels that the button is pressed. Volume levels for this are controlled by the PFL/AFL Master knob.
SUB faderNoNoUnless the MAIN button is pressed on the sub fader, it will only transmit through the sub outputs.
MON1 & 2 fadersNoYes*If the ALF button is pressed, it will transmit through the control room output. If not, it will only transmit through their respective outputs on the board.
MAIN faderYesNoThis fader is used by the main output only, but does handle the recording level on the main tracks (11/12 on the Model 12; 15/16 on the Model 16; 23/24 on the Model 24)
FX fader (Model 16)Yes*Yes*There are extra buttons handling this. Depending on which buttons are pressed, it will transmit through those outputs. If the MAIN button is pressed, it will transmit through the CR as well.
Phones knobNoYes*The headphone jack mimics what is getting transmitted through the control room output.
PFL/AFL Master knobNoYes*This controls the volume level when a PFL and/or AFL button are pressed. The sound is transmitted through the control room outputs.
Control Room knobNoYesControls the volume level of the control room output.
SD MAIN MIX RETURN button (Model 24)YesNoWhen on, playback of the stereo master file on the SD card will be outputted from the main output and aux output mon 1/2.
POST REC button (Model 16)NoNoIs used to use the main fader for streaming audio through the USB port.
Stereo Graphic EQ (Model 24)Yes*Yes*If the MON 1/2, MAIN MIX button isn’t pushed in. It will transmit the EQ signal through the main output and control room.
Master Section EQ (Model 16) Yes*Yes*Works the same as the graphic EQ for the Model 24.