4-Tracks with Tape Out Features

I get ask quite a few times about which 4-tracks can output all 4 tracks simultaneously so that we can copy our work to either a DAW or a newer console like the DP32. I asked on the 4-track forum page to see what I would hear and I got a lot of answers. I also went looking for more after that. I’ve started a list. Hopefully this will help everyone out!


234- Yes!
244- Yes!
246- Maybe with some help
238- Yes! (8 track)

414- No.
414 MKII- No.

464- Yes!
424- Yes!
424 mkii- Yes!
424 mkiii- Yes!

488- Maybe with some help
488mkii- Maybe with some help

644- Maybe with some help
688- No.

Porta One- Yes!
Porta Two- Yes!
Porta 02 MKII- No.
Porta 3- No.
Porta 7 – Maybe with some help


160- Yes!
250- Yes!
260- Yes!
280- Yes!
460- Maybe with some help

x12- No.
x14- No.
x15- Yes!
x18- No.
x24- Yes!
x26- Yes!
x28- Yes!
x28h- Yes!
x30- Yes!
x34- Yes!
x55- Yes!
x77- Yes!
xr3- Yes!
xr5- Yes!
xr7- Yes!


MT3X- Yes!
MT4X- Yes!
MT8X- Yes! (8-track)

MT400- No.


Yes – Has the standard ‘Tape Out 1-4/Sync’ outputs (1/4″ or RCA)

No – Doesn’t offer the Tape Out Feature

Maybe With Some Help – Generally a makeshift output like:

1 – Monitor / Line Left
2 – Monitor / Line Right
3 – Effects Out
4 – Cue or Sync Out