Added More Sheet Music

Even though I’m not officially updating this blog anymore. I’m still adding sheet music when I release the songs. Just added two more, Bag of Tea and Christmas (At Our House). I’m re-doing Christmas later in the year, but decided to share it now. Thanks for watching!!

Black and Fluffy Released!

I’ve released a new song! Hope you like it! Here are some links for you: Apple Music:\Google:

"Only Musicians in Orchestras are real Musicians"

This past Christmas holiday, I’ve been taking my mother around to see family and friends. Many of these drives can be quite long and so I’ve been listening to the local classical FM station. My mom grew up on classical music, it was mandatory listening when she was in Germany. I fell out of listening… Continue reading "Only Musicians in Orchestras are real Musicians"

I reacted to a cover of a cover that I did

I recorded for the 424 Recording Fall Song Challenge, a song that friend’s of mine wrote, recorded (somewhat) but never released. I ended up recording my own version of the song on my 4 track. A friend of the channel loved it, and recorded his own version. Here’s my first listen to the song.