Taking it easy, it’s summer!

I’ve been taking it easy these past couple of weeks, sorry about that. I have been diligent on my YouTube site, here’s the latest in the videos. I actually did a live stream as well! Hope you enjoy them!

Published July 8th: Trying out the “Song 2 See” Video Game on the PC

Published July 11th: Adding Vocal Effects to Instruments

Published July 18th: Normalization: An Indepth Look

Published July 22nd: What I do Before Creating a Final Mixdown

Published July 25th: Gear Finds, Episode 13: Pyle PDMIC45

Published August 4th: Recording The Bass for “Fred Is Dead?

Published August 5th: I Cleaned and Re-Arranged My Studio

Published August 8th: Gear Finds, Episode 14: Boss Dr Rhythm DR 3 (QnA Session)

Streamed Live: August 2nd: Recording Drums tonight! Do it Live!

— Mike