Spring 4 Track Challenge! It’s SUMMER! New Song Released!

Well, the day is here!  The spring 4 track challenge is over!  Did you finish your song?  Here’s a list of locations you can listen to my song!


Amazon (US)


Google Play


I made a thank you video as well!

–> Mike

Spring 4 Track Challenge! Doubling vocals!

This is the week!  Have you finished and released your song?  I have and it’ll be available worldwide on Thursday!  Can’t wait to send it around!

Today’s video is about doubling vocals.  I had someone ask about it so I did a video about it:

–> Mike

Spring 4-Track Challenge: Getting my 4-Track ready to record

Since I started recording on my 4-Track back in 1993, I’ve always followed a strict way to record to keep the sound as fresh and clear as possible.

1. I demagnetize the heads. My father bought a demagnetizer in the mid-80s and since he stopped using it at this point, I started using it whenever I record or do a major mix down of a song.
2. Clean the heads. I always clean the heads before recording or doing a mix down.

After I’ve done these two steps, I show you how I recorded the scratch track from the digital porta-studio to the 4-track.

A deeper understanding of using effects on various systems.

I’ve been reading a lot of questions about using effects on different systems and decided I wanted to help out where I could.  I made the following video showing how to set up effects on various devices from amplifiers and mixers to using them while recording.

— Mike

Spring 4 Track Challenge, working on the drums (vlog)

This week I was working on the drums for my song.  I’m not the greatest drummer, I have been taking lessons for 2 years, but I really haven’t applied them to anything except what I’ve been working on so my scope is limited at the moment.  Trying to work on getting that better!

–> Mike