Great news! Great news indeed!

At the end of last year, Dean and I decided that we needed to release the songs that we’ve worked on soon.  I would like to see them out by May.  We looked at what needed to be completed, and agree that this can be done.

I’m excited to announce that we will be releasing a CD under the band name “The MPF Project” in May!  Currently we are finishing up some tracks, mainly some guitar and vocals, I’m going to re-do some vocal tracks with the original “Hollow Spirit” lyrics.  I’m also re-mastering the tracks.  Dean is going to be handling the CD layout and song arrangements.  We’re also looking forward to Adam, the new guy, to re-do some drum tracks that we originally did with a drum machine.

Making of videos

I also broke down, bought a good video editing program recommended by my friend Larry The Butcher and I’m going to start making some videos for the songs, both “For My Dear Friend” and “The MPF Project”.

Transfer of the “For My Dear Friend” site

During the final week of January or the beginning week of February, I’m going to be removing the “For My Dear Friend” Facebook page and the domain will be re-directed to here.  Part of my goals this year is to consolidate a lot of things in my life, I’ve been spending a lot of money the organize my house as well.

More posts to come!

One big thing that I’m trying to do is get better at being consistent with posting.  I was a little lacking last year, so I’m pushing myself to post more often.

Thanks for reading!

— Mike



2016: Looking back at what I wanted to do and what I accomplished

I loaded up my post from the end of last year and decided to see how I did with my goals, not resolutions, I hate that word.  For me, this year, Christmas felt short, mainly because I got married and went on my honeymoon at the beginning of December.

So here was my list from last year:

  • Getting Married
    • Check, did that.
  • Take drum lessons
    • Still doing that one, after8 months of hard work, I was able to have all my limbs do different things.  Still hard, but I’m not giving up
  • Performing in a Nirvana tribute band
    • Never came to be
  • Performing in some cover / original bands
    • I am part of a band now, doing the singing and bass.
    • No cover bands in my future
    • I have performed live, as a solo act
  • Working to complete more songs
    • This is an on going process

What goals have I set for myself in 2017?

  • Perform more either with a band or solo.
  • Get better at drums to the point that I can record myself
  • Have another CD released by May (Only a couple of finishing touches left to do for this one)
  • Continue to work on guitar / bass and drums
  • Record a new Christmas song, already have one in mind.

Hope your 2016 was good for you, best wishes in the new year!


Released: The Sound of the Ocean / Cold Black Sky

Hello everyone,

I had a chance to mix down another song last night, this isn’t a full mix down as much as it is a merge between two songs.  I released Cold Black Sky a while back, but I forgot to add “The Sound of the Ocean” to it.  Here is the new release of CBS and TSOTO together again.

Click here to listen

Thanks again for reading & listening.

Sometimes you need to get yourself out there!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful new year, I know that I am.  I’ve been pushing myself to get out there again and do things that I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

I’m taking drum lessons.  I’ve wanted to play drums since I was a kid, but as it is with a lot of parents, drums were too noisy and expensive at the time.  I’m going to try and practice at least 30 minutes per day.

I’m currently playing bass in two bands, one is an all original band and the other is a mix of covers and originals.  Looking forward to starting to actually play in clubs or bars again.

I’m looking forward to getting married near the end of this year.

I’m working with my friend Dean to finish up our recordings as well.  Dean and I are also working with a drummer to form a Nirvana tribute band.  We’ll have to see how this goes as well.

I’m also going to try and finish another video for the For My Dear Friend stuff.  I have a great idea for a video for “I Don’t Care” but I just don’t have the time to work on it.

Wishing you all the best!

— Mike


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is having a great end of the year!  It doesn’t feel like Christmas without the cold and snow.  It also doesn’t feel like Christmas because of all the changes in my life this year:

  • I got engaged
  • I changed jobs
  • I released my first solo attempt

I am thankful for everyone who reads the blog and follows me on Facebook, Twitter and anything else that I’m on.  I’m thankful for all I have and all of my friends.  I’ve had some bad stuff that happened this year as well, but I’m not going to go into that.  I’m looking to the future and wishing for the best.

Things that I’m looking forward to next year

  • I’m getting married
  • I am going to take drum lessons
  • I will be performing in a Nirvana tribute band
  • I may be performing in a couple of other cover / original bands
  • I’m still working to complete more songs to be recorded and released

As for now, I’m taking a break from the blog and from recording.  Going to look forward to next year, enjoy the time off of work and spend it with my family.

— Mike

Stay grounded, keep trying.

If asked about my guitar playing, I would say, “Still learning, but getting better”.  Guitar is one of those things that I would love to master, but I’m happy being the guy who fiddles with it and keeps trying.

I’m in the middle of finishing an original Christmas song right now.  My goal is to unveil my “masterpiece” by the beginning of November.  I was originally shooting for end of October, but changes in my day to day routine have move that date.

Honestly, only a few days ago, my answer would’ve been not this year.  Why the change?  I tried.

I started to work on the guitar tracks again.  This time I kept at it instead of giving up on the first few attempts.  I was able to finish most of the guitar tracks.  My fingers started to hurt, due to lack of playing, so I stopped.

I also started to learn a bit of slide.  I had to use a cap from a case from a cheap set of reading glasses, but I did start!  I bought a true slide today, doesn’t fit my giant sausage fingers.  I’m going to try it tonight and see how I do.

The Hollow Spirit stuff is coming along nicely.  I employed my Fiancé and soon to be step daughter to add to the backing vocals.  Dean also stepped forward and did a set.  Hopefully, I’ll have some of those ready to be released by the end of the month as well.

Thanks for reading!

— Mike