Gear Finds, Episode 10: Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-3

I’ve had my friend’s DR-3 floating around the studio for a while and finally got around the making a video about it. Thanks Dean for lending it to me! This has brought me into trying something new for my next recording. More to follow!

The YouTube channel hit 50 subscribers!

I know it’s not a huge number, but I’ve finally hit 50 subscribers after about 10 months.  Thanks to everyone who has subscribed, it has been a fun time and I’ve learned a lot.  I did a video on recording by yourself, since I do a lot of that.

Yeah! It’s Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!  Just wanted to do a quick, off the top of my head, post about changes that have been happening with me! Another year of Barbershop is starting up!  It will be an interesting year and I’m hoping to improve my baritone singing ability so I can bring it into my recordings. I… Continue reading Yeah! It’s Friday!