How’s Your Summer starting off?

Hey! How are you doing? I haven’t been posting on here for a bit, so I thought I’d ask how things are going? I’ve been steady with the videos on YouTube, but I haven’t been doing the follow up on my main site.

What’s Coming up?

I thought I’d give you an idea of what is coming up:

  • Music, recording always recording! That’s why I changed the name!
  • I try a game that I haven’t been able to get working on my computer.
  • I found another use for my Zoom H4!
  • More discussions about recording devices!

Hope you keep checking us out! Talk to you soon!

Man I’m getting slow, two videos this week!

I’m getting really slow at the moment, I’ve released two videos and I didn’t get a chance to put it on here! Here you are! My two videos for this week!

A great way to help with site reading

On Monday I showed how I am using MuseScore to better my site reading skills!

A Quick Tutorial on Mastering and Mixdown

Today, I take a look at mastering and mixdown on the TASCAM DP24/32. This comes after I was asked about how I do this stuff on my machine.