Is it too early to think about Christmas?

When I was with Hollow Spirit, we did a Christmas party for the place that Dean worked at the time.  For the party, I ended up writing a Christmas song.  It has been rolling in my head for the past couple of weeks, and I think it is about time to record it and release it — later, of course, like November.

It’ll be a funny, slightly country sounding song, but I think it will be enjoyable for all.

Working on Hollow Spirit songs with Dean

Dean and I have been working pretty much every Tuesday night on completing our Hollow Spirit songs.  We are currently working on Cold Black Sky.  It is coming along quite nicely.  It is great to have so many extra tracks to add / try different things without having to mix it down to be able to continue on.

I’m working on releasing an early version of the song.  Currently we have guitars / drums / bass and a very old (20ish me) vocal track.

Once it is up, I’ll post it here.

— Mike

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

After a long hard decision making process.  I’ve decided to close off For My Dear Friend. For the biggest reason, it was for my dear friend Don and to get the unfinished music out to the world.  I’m keeping the site up, and I will post items there when it pertains to that work.

Now, I’m moving in a new direction, new equipment, new ideas.  I wanted a fresh start, and fresh name.

I hope you will enjoy this site as much as you did the old one!